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Thank you for installing phpList.

This document is designed to help you get started with this application, and provides useful links to explain some of the available features.

Netfirms has provided you with the base install of phpList and modified it to match with your hosting details.
No further modification is necessary to being sending out lists to your own clients and customers.

Please take note, that ALL settings can be changed through the /config/config.php file, and some may be necessary for some of the more advanced customizations that are available.

A comprehensive list of guides to get you started can be found here, but we'll outline some of the key documents we highly recommend reading to get yourself familiarized with the application.

To begin, we suggest reading this guide to understand the basic concepts behind phpList.

Next we recommend reading about lists and user functions to learn more about creating lists, how to import users/clients into these lists.

After creating your first list and importing your users, you can begin creating a new message, as well as keeping track of your list statistics.

Finally, you can learn more about customizing phpList with Administrator functions, such as creating other administrative users and their permissions.

If you notice that the emails you send out are being flagged as SPAM by your recipients, phpList has provided some quick tips to reduce the "Spam Score" of your emails.

Once you are comfortable with phpList, and you are ready to begin sending out your lists, we have a few final notices.

The way phpList handles bounce or error messages, is through a bounce account. You will need to create this email account through your Netfirms Control Panel for error handling to work. Click here for instructions on how to create a new email account.
The account that you will want to create is bounce@palmetto-online.com. If you would like to use your own account, you can change the bounce-handler through the /config/config.php file.

Netfirms does not permit sending unsolicited bulk mail/SPAM through our network, and as such, this application has been setup to allow 200 emails per day. This limit applies to ALL domains under your Netfirms Hosting Plan, and exceeding this limit will result in the suspension of your sendmail services.

If this limit is exceeded, we will notify you by email at jbateman@palmetto-online.com with instructions on how to have your service restored. If this email address is not correct, you can change it by logging into your Netfirms Control Panel, then clicking on the "Account" menu option, and selecting "Contact Profile".

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