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Netfirms' Spam policy

Netfirms does not permit sending unsolicited bulk mail/SPAM through our network, and as such, this application has been setup to allow 200 emails per day. This limit applies to ALL domains under your Netfirms Hosting Plan, and exceeding this limit will result in the suspension of your sendmail services.

If this limit is exceeded, we will notify you by email at jbateman@palmetto-online.com with instructions on how to have your service restored. If this email address is not correct, you can change it by logging into your Netfirms Control Panel, then clicking on the "Account" menu option, and selecting "Contact Profile".

You can also pre-emptively request an increase of your sendmail limit by copying the below text, and sending it to suport@netfirms.com.

Netfirms does NOT allow e-mail marketing on its network due to the potential for abuse and blacklisting from other networks that could adversely affect other Netfirms customers. Email marketing is defined as sending more than 200 e-mails per day to people who you do not have a pre-existing business relationship with (your customers or leads), often using purchased, rented or traded lists of e-mail addresses.

1. What is the purpose of your bulk e-mail or what parts of your website require sendmail services?
2. How often do you send bulk e-mail or how often is sendmail services required?
3. What is the size of your recipient list (number of recipients) or how many emails are sent from your website?
4. Are your recipients notified that they will be part of a mailing or recipient list and are they given an opt-out option?

(IMPORTANT: If this is not the first time you have received this notice or that your sendmail services have been disabled, we ask that you review your sendmail requirements to re-assess your sendmail usage as per question #3 above)

Additional information can be found here: http://www.netfirms.com/features/privacy.php

If your sendmail requirements will reach several thousand on any given day, we recommend that you consider enlisting the services of a professional e-mail marketing service provider such as Campaigner or Stream Send (these are not afiliated with Netfirms). More information about these and other e-mail marketing service providers can be found here: http://email-marketing-service-review.toptenreviews.com/
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